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Get to know a little more about me...

My name is Jazmyn and I am an Illustrator and Graphic Designer who is passionate about all things Design! When I'm not creating digitally, I'm either oil painting, sketching, crocheting, or creating custom hand-painted clothes for friends.


While working on a project, big or small, I take absolute pride in delivering the best work possible, as designing is not just a hobby but an important part of furthering businesses, events, products, and more. I am an individual artist who also really enjoys working with a team. Gaining feedback and having other creative minds working together can help revolutionize a project. Why have one great mind spark an idea when you can have plenty?

I produce all of my designs through Adobe Illustrator and I paint with Adobe Photoshop. I have strong knowledge of Adobe Suite including After Effects and have basic animation skills.

My portfolio is only a quick look into myself as a designer, If you are passionate about creating interesting and impactful designs, I hope to hear from you soon!



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