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Pitcrew AI is an Autonomous Vehicle Inspection company that monitors and assesses the condition of high-value vehicles and trucks through thermographic camera technology. Pitcrew AI's current focus is primarily on mining vehicles but they hope to expand their business further in the future.

Pitcrew AI requested a mural to be placed on the side of their Newcastle-based office building. Their brief outlined how they wanted something that represented their company and included scenes showing the interaction between autonomous vehicles and the inspection process.

Originally they were asking for their mural to be physically painted, however, due to health and safety reasons, this idea was rejected and we agreed on digitally designing this mural and then getting it printed out and installed on the side of their building. 

Two others including myself were assigned to work on this project and have it completed within four to five weeks. This included gathering quotes from signage places, organizing client meetings, and designing the mural. The final measurements agreed on for this mural was 5 meters in height and 9 meters in width.


The brief primarily stated that the mural should reflect the cutting-edge nature of AI as well as incorporate the thermographic imagery used in their inspection process. They wanted a modern design but something that was also colourful. Here are some images we showed to our client to represent our ideas.

I drew a detailed sketch to plan the composition and possible assets of this mural. Going with the idea of a 'motherboard', I used the paths to emulate a road design, spreading out and expanding quickly similar to that of AI.

We also added chips that act as islands for the city, mines and factories to be placed upon.



This was the final design that got approved by the company to be printed out and installed on the outside of their office building wall. We incorporated many themes that represented their process and their company throughout the mural, such as the small cameras used for monitoring high-value vehicles placed on the ground. We also included the thermographic imagery on the paths that expand and lead all throughout the mural.

The use of solar panels is prominent in their practice so we also incorporated that through the grid flooring, as well as the solar panel cameras they use for inspections. We included factories and mines to show the collaboration that have with mining companies and trucks. They also requested that we include imagery of modern vehicles and city infrastructure as they wish to work with various vehicle companies in the future.


Note: These pictures are mockups only and don't include the actual site.

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